travelling circus / by annabelle schatteman sculptor

This week I traded the studio for a traveling circus.

day 1: Den haag – Texel – Den Haag

to check how `paradise of surrender` is doing on  the islands.

Travelling to the islands, from south to north Holland,  through the never changing flatness of Holland, never quits to be monotonous, yet interesting, experience (so boring that you start wondering why it is so boring, so the wondering becomes more important than the boring and in the end it is not boring any more, or something like that). Maybe the key to `surrender`? Then, waiting for the ferryboat, an evenly contradictory experience of waiting and not liking that aspect, while at the same time going so deep into the waiting that there is kind of relief of just having nothing else on your mind than waiting and loving that boat when it is finally there.

The islands… always a pleasure to be there. Islands seem to have their own rules, their own codes, it`s like not being in a specific country but on a free space, surrounded by water. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxed and the houses are mini, as if being surrounded by sea is a natural compressor .  Or maybe it is just the way I want to see it because it corresponds to the universal idea of an island, I don`t know.

Anyways, `paradise of surrender` holds on very well and is met with a lot of appreciation and visitors who come back especially for this work. This is good to hear. Upon arriving there, I was alone in the room, alone with the work. For me this is when the magic happens, wave by wave, over and over again.

I hope that, one day, you can experience it too.

waiting for the ferry

waiting for the ferry

Day 2-3: Den Haag – Gent – Brugge – Den Haag

Picking (if that is the right word for a pieces of 120kg? ) up `the brides` in Gent and transporting them and `high heels` to Bruges (Lissewege), where they will be exhibited during the summer months in the sculpture garden`t Vaartje, together with work form the other sculptors from Noorwal117. It would be nice if I could sell some pieces there, important to fund some of the other ideas that I have. I`d better start wanting it so much that it actually happens..