Spielerei / by annabelle schatteman sculptor

For months and months,whenever I feel like it, I am making these ceramic masks, feeling very enthousiastic about making them, filming the process, excited about the glazing, and then…shortcut….every time over and over. Like an old car, start…putputput….stop….start…putputput….stop.

Ok, now I stop, finish, gedaan, no more, they have no purpose. Just waste of time, Spielerei


Spielerei…that is just what it is, nothing more, nothing less. Spielerei, why not?

And so I did:  play

And so do crazy ideas come to life and so does the puzzle get solved. Piece by piece. Today I found a small piece, small but essential.

I met with my composer friend because the piece involves our performance together and all she said was: `it resonates`. If I translate that to my language it means `good, I like it`. If the dancer now says that it `swings`, we start to have the visual aspect of the performance covered.

Once again today I discovered that in everything you start out of necessity there is truth and in truth there is beauty, it only takes a hell of a long time to see it and to give it the right of existence it deserves.

I tend to forget that.

mask in oven with gold glazing that looks like chocolate

mask in oven with gold glazing that looks like chocolate