under my spell / by annabelle schatteman sculptor

Is how I baptised all the work that is being created alongside `the desired state`the new work that I am currently making and want to show in Dusseldorf next year.  It will show the remains of animalistic and human organisms that once formed a civilization that has been eradicated, despite elements of defense.  In this work I hope to build further on my vision about human strength and fragility, the story about the masked and unprotected humanity. About the continuation of life; and  how…?

But somehow, alongside this work, some other work made their way to my hands. One of them is this work that is called in u door u en met u. As a child I had recurrent nightmares about a black witch coming to get me.I was horrified. At the age of about 12 I was in between sleep and awake state, and I knew she would come. I was waiting for her and there she was entering my room. I told myself `and now I finish her`. So I jumped out of bed onto her and crushed her completely by jumping on her until she was totally flat, like in the cartoons. She never visited me again. Until recently...there she was again. Strangely enough, despite my age, I was almost as horrified as when I was a child, but instead of crushing her I confronted her and made her into something of my world, something I can accept. And there she is now. And she stays.

 in u door u en met u  glazed ceramics, wood

in u door u en met u

glazed ceramics, wood