As close as I can get / by annabelle schatteman sculptor

Working on an exhibition in Latem (Belgium) in a new gallery` Lanneau art gallery`. Latem is my hometown. It`s an ambiguous feeling to exhibit there, it makes me fragile and strong, open and closed . It`s where you come from, it had a hand in forming who you are, like it or not; always there as a mirror for your current self, a mnemonic for your erased stories. No matter how hard one tries to deroot,( deroute, reroute), there is always leftover seeds that shoot root at moments least expected. There is always leftover love to feed the leftover seeds hidden deep inside the earth. 

Leftover love for an old story that I want to include in the exhibition, made me rethink the presentation of the story: from text to voice.

written by me, read by Manon Falces, for you.