teabag wisdom / by annabelle schatteman sculptor

In order not go get stuck in the `beyond` series and to let it flow wherever it needs to go, I have to take the wise words of my monday morning teabag seriously.

teabag wisdom

or not.....and go to the core. 

Not quite sure yet which one of the two options I am currently taking. All I do know is that I am continuing with everything in my atelier that needs continuing. Vague, I know...

Anyways, in between the jingle bells, I heard a bell ringing that urged me to bring `beyond my refusal` to the foundry and do another bronze. And so I did. And so I think it is the right decision. And so, as I am writing, the wax model is already finished .Yesterday I went there to make the last corrections and Thursday the sand model can enter the oven. Very exciting once more.

`beyond my refusal` wax model in foundry

Meanwhile in the atelier 

I am systematically firing all the leftover masks I made for the performance and use them as building material for new sculptures based on the `from within` foetal position.It is like playing with porcelain lego. To go as far as the material allows you to go and try to go beyond.

Until it falls...and...breaks. And try again...

To finally let it go in order not to lose it ;-) and divert my attention to one of the leftover `beyond` sculptures that needs some remastering here and there until it reaches some final stage or that stage that we call `letting go`.

So I guess i am after all going for the `letting go` option. Glad to have discovered that while writing! What a teabag, when taken seriously, can lead to ;-)......