masked project / by annabelle schatteman sculptor

Start of the third week of preparations now. Time flies, ideas are getting more and more concrete and kilos and kilos of clay are being transformed into numbers and numbers of masks. 200 so far, 200…starts to count.

Anna, tirelessly accepted all the masks that I put on her face, inhaling, holding breath, and then…oxygen….0, 25 seconds. Next one…

masks are being produced, a conveyor belt feeling, automatism, unconscious making and accepting of masks, numbers turn into names, names turns into music: this is more or less how the piece comes together, the concept calls for action and the action brings about associations that are then again used to fine tune the concept.

From this week onwards Maurizio is back and will fill in his part of the performance, I guess it will be an interesting couple of weeks now. Music, form and movement will have to find a way of communicating something together. Let`s see.

a lot of masks already, many more to make.

a lot of masks already, many more to make.